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Remote Video Monitoring & Alarm Response

Live Remote Video Monitoring Service


With live remote video monitoring, after hours security has never been easier and more effective!

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California Security Agency offers a comprehensive live monitoring service. CSA is at the forefront of the surveillance industry, offering comprehensive CCTV camera systems and asset protection solutions for businesses around the country.  No standard home security cameras, nanny cameras and baby monitor devices and gadgets are ever used in their surveillance packages.

Specializing in pro-actively protecting businesses and investments during hours of vulnerability, CSA offers unique surveillance services that can easily and covertly replace a costly guard company with affordable and highly effective, state of the art virtual security.

CSA’s system uses proprietary software; CCTV cameras and video recording devices designed with the latest technology, and highly trained operators to reach the highest degree of protection at an AFFORDABLE rate!  CSA ‘s highly effective live, pro-active surveillance service is saving public municipals, business people in the private sector, nationwide up to 70% over the cost of a real live guard.

CSA surveillance offers the highest level of protection at fixed commercial locations, or portable surveillance trailers for construction sites etc. CSA uses state of the art high resolution cameras, which can be installed in plain sight or hidden from view, recording devices and proprietary software which silently streams internet footage back to headquarters.  CSA monitoring agents offer any organization “above and beyond” reasonable protection.

CSA offers protection you can rely on and will monitor after hours or during business hours with their live video monitoring service.

To not consider remote monitoring for the protection of your assets, could possibly court disaster. CSA offers ready to deploy surveillance trailers complete with cameras, DVR’s, computer systems and proprietary software that is available to be leased or privately owned, new or slightly used. The camera set-up can be adjusted to any viewing area.

Remote monitoring is known to be one of the most effective and convenient solutions. Why? This allows you to oversee and safeguard your assets even when you are not present. Even the most out of the way sites can be protected with CSA’s high-tech camera systems, combined with a high tech DVR that record and send live real-time footage, newer technology video monitoring system. If the site is extremely remote with no access to phone lines or power, other options are available through the use of a fully equipped mobile surveillance trailer. This is ideal for remote construction sites. Mobile surveillance is not only affordable but a great alternative for any covert security operation needing strategically located camera systems.

Here are a few reasons why CSA’s remote video monitoring system, combined with their effective and affordable virtual guard services is the best solution:

Economy – Guards cost a lot of money, a video monitoring service using state of the art commercial camera systems, can save up to 70% over the cost of just one live guard.

Convenience – Once the camera system is in place and is activated, connected to the internet and transmitting and recording information, there is not a whole lot left to be done. All the work and headache is handled by CSA’s monitoring agents.

Effectiveness – the general expectation is simply that an individual live guard is needed to be on the premises to patrol the area, but regardless of this popular misconception, CSA can prove that to monitor with cameras in real-time, with a virtual guard, is light years ahead live guards, especially when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. A remote guard is never late, never distracted, has eyes everywhere at once and has no physical liability.

Simplicity – Because there is no human adult element involved at the premises there is no payroll, liability insurance etc. The approach to security is very simple. Engage the services of the experts, let them ascertain the correct  installation areas for cameras and what level of services to suit the unique requirements of the particular business, and then let them supply camera equipment and other devices, maintain the system and let their monitoring service do the protecting.

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