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Professional. Accountable. Pro-Active.

Security Vehicle Patrol Service

California Security Agency offers professional mobile security patrol services that will dramatically reduce break and enters, vandalism and other crimes against property and persons. Our patrols are highly visible, intelligence led and an effective means of deterring potential threats to your infrastructure and assets.  Our professional, uniformed patrol officers utilize marked security patrol cars that are well equipped to respond to any emergency and present a strong deterrent to criminal activities.

CSA offers specialized vehicle patrol services to property management companies, commercial business and government facilities that provides advanced security solutions and peace of mind through effective security patrols within your community.  Policing is now reactive, rather than a proactive service, due to the high volume of calls to service, increases in population, and fewer officers on the street to respond to the demand.  Police response times have decreased while their ability to patrol communities has diminished due to the ongoing strain on their resources.

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CSA patrol officers can bridge the gap caused by a lack of police presence/response and provide a 24 hour patrol service to safeguard our client and their assets.  We will challenge and document any suspicious persons or activities in the area, act on and report criminal activities while providing a continuous safety and emergency response service to the client.  CSA patrol officers will respond immediately to any concern or complaint reported by a client, addressing the concern with professionalism and vigilance. We provide an immediate, first line of defense and will be available to respond to any emergency within minutes to protect our clients and their property until Police, EMS or FIRE response is available. Our patrol officers are experienced security professionals who will work closely with the police to ensure ongoing client safety and peace of mind.  Private patrols are an affordable and effective means of establishing and ensuring a safer community, commercial center or government facility.

The key to our success with patrol:

  • CSA patrol officers patrol a specific area for our client on private property. Our patrol activities are concentrated on proactive measures rather than reactive. The sight of a patrol vehicle act as a great deterrent to criminal activity.

  • We do not always patrol in the same pattern. CSA patrol management creates alternating times and patrol patterns every night for patrol to be most sporadic and present an unknown time frame of security presence.

  • CSA patrol officers obey all traffic and state laws. If they observe something suspicious, the patrol officer will address the activity or report it using the appropriate methods. When driving at night, our patrol officers use spot lights and flashing overhead lights as needed for presence or to address an incident.

  • Every CSA patrol officer is equipped with a laptop and 2-way radio to communicate with CSA dispatch. Dispatch receives a call from a client or resident/tenant, dispatch then forwards the information to a patrol officer and the patrol officer responds. Following every patrol visit or incident, CSA patrol officers complete a patrol report log using our online reporting system. Every CSA client receives an automatically emailed report of the security officers activities and findings during their shift.

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