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Professional. Accountable. Pro-Active.

You are giving a Veteran a job when you hire California Security Agency

California Security Agency was started as a veteran owned business. It currently provides employment to over 50 service veterans from all five branches of our military services.  Our officers are led with a level of discipline brought to our program from our very own United States military service men and women.  With a degree of professionalism and respect, our security services have never failed and continued to grow since the start of security operations.

The biggest challenge we face coming home from deployment activation or the end of our service enlistment is finding a stable job and adaptable work environment.  There isn’t much work out there that a military bearing mind can conform to especially with the economy in such a slump.  California Security Agency actively recruits service men and women to join our team and start a career field that is exciting and growing. We promise our staff that we will always be honest, be loyal, and provide the best service possible in our line of work.  With the commitment we’ve made to our current and future clients, California Security Agency will continue to grow as a reputable security service.

"We have the discipline to get the job done right no matter what it takes. We will continue to train and educate soldiers coming home to be able to provide them with jobs in the civilian sector when their military service time is over. Our goal is to provide security services that are reliable and effective, so that our clients know that their property is secured when we are on the job."

Jamieson Warmuth 


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