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THERMS - Online Report Management System

CSA company operations and client satisfaction revolves around our online report management system (RMS). THERMS is accessible to CSA staff and clients 24 hours a day from over the internet. The RMS contains client location information and post orders that give specific instructions and details for each client property. It is the central hub of communication between field security officers, CSA management & clients.

Security Officers and THERMS

CSA security officers have access to our online system to view site updates, log reports and communicate with other staff in the company. Having the online system available on mobile phones and computers has made a huge impact on our communication to field security staff, thus increasing their effectiveness at a client site. When a security officer observes a certain incident that is important for the following shift to be aware of, they can log the details in the system for the next shift officer to be up to speed on the site.

Clients and THERMS

Every CSA client will receive a detailed report for every security officer visit or shift worked. CSA officers take notes during their shifts and log them into our online report management system at the end of their shift. The logs are automatically emailed to the client for review and saved in the online database for 2 years. Our reports contain details of the duties performed and times the security officer was on-site and where.

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