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CSA Staff Training

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When hired, all security officers are required to complete an eight (8) hour company orientation class to educate officers on our procedures, requirements, and client expectations. Following orientation, officers are placed on a 90-day probationary period where they will receive three (3) supervisor evaluations during that same period. At the end of the officer’s probationary period, the evaluations are reviewed and considered when promotions and position advancement opportunities arise.

When assigning a new officer to a client site, the officer is briefed and educated on the client specific orders and duties to be completed during their shift. Because every client site is different, we have developed a standard procedure for documenting client ‘post-orders’ and making them available to officers working on-site. These ‘post-orders’ provide our clients with a consistent quality service knowing that they will never have an inexperienced officer working at their location and all officers will follow the same procedures when working a shift. We invest time and resources into our security personnel to give all of our clients the service that they deserve!

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All staff are given modules for continued education in their career field:

  • Report Writing: Report writing is a critical skill in our industry.  Because of this, CSA offers intermediate and advanced expository writing courses every three (3) months to employees. This training helps with complacency, and will keep our officers fresh on their report writing skills.
  • Public Relations: Officers will naturally interact with our client’s, their customers and the general public. We know it is important for our officers not to be perceived as rude or acting in an intimidating manner, so we give them PR tips to be able to provide a level of service that you would expect from your own employee.
  • Emergency Situation Management: Emergency situations can be hectic and overwhelming for a person without proper training. We give our officers the knowledge on how to deal with these stressful situations and keep everyone safe and secure.