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Professional. Accountable. Pro-Active.



California Security Agency, founded by a veteran and give preference to veterans, was started with 3 team members in Sacramento, CA. Now, we employ over 50 full time security officers and support staff. We continue to grow while providing excellent quality service to our clients. The key to our success is hard work and concern for the client needs.


We work as a team from the top level management to the field officers; communication is what drives our day to day operations and keeps everyone in the loop. Our main focus in the security industry is security patrol, security guards, and video surveillance. Our vehicle patrol division has grown significantly and of course armed & unarmed guard services have continued to increase with new clients and continued client satisfaction. In the beggining of 2012 we entered the realm of video surveillance, and are able to support a vast security response area in Sacramento with our expanding vehicle patrol routes.


Our Daily Goal

CSA security officers are given CPR & 1st Aid training along with many other supplemental programs to be fully effective in any work setting. We train our staff to deescalate and defuse conflict when it is witnessed. Our security team is trained to intervene if necessary to prevent physical injury upon another person.

In any work place setting there is the possibility of a person needing CPR or 1st Aid attention. Our staff are trained and prepared on how to deal with emergency situations.


Proactive & Professional

With combinded effort from proactive staff to experienced management, our security program is tuned for public safety and security. Our management staff maintain constant oversight of each location and every staff member working. Our security officers in the field are given all the tools necessary to be effective in their duties for whatever type of client they are serving. We have a proactive approach in our security operations; we work to prevent problems from occuring, instead of addressing the problem after the incident. We report concerns to clients and maintain a professional image at the client site, being a visual deterent to crime lurking in the shadows.

Mission Statement

“To provide reliable and accountable security services to our client”

A)     Every CSA management level staff member will be accessible and available to each client we provide service, day or night; our clients can get in contact with us for questions, concerns or service requests.

B)     Every CSA staff member will be on time, perform their assigned duties and provide a detailed report of the service.



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US Military Veterans

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CSA In-House Training

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Security Patrol Services

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California Security Agency was founded by a veteran and gives preference to US Military Veterans. CSA actively recruits service men and women to come work in the public safety sector with CSA.

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CSA staff are provided with Anti-Terrorism, FEMA, BSIS Level 2 & 3, Chemical Agents, Taser &  Firearms training. We know that the more prepared and knowledgeable our security staff are, the more effective security program we will have.

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CSA security patrol vehicles are clearly marked with company decals and patrol for clients 24 hours per day. Security patrol is random and very effective at showing a security presence in any community or business.